Website Work & Testimonial

Cool Kat Custom Web Design Work & Testimonial:

Supplement Express Website Project

Website Task: General website maintenance, website / app consultation and development of the Supplement Guide which is a custom made website widget.

Client: Supplement Express, a supplement company in Australia who supplies Australian bodybuilding supplements to athletes and clients looking to lose weight and gain muscle.

Cool Kat Custom Web Design Website / Development Feedback:

Summary: David R.L the owner of Supplement Express in Australia: I am very happy with the Supplement Guide that was developed. It is an innovative way for our clients to easily find information about bodybuilding, products and supplements that can support their fitness goals.

Website Target Audience: Clients who are looking for fitness and body building supplements to help with either a weight loss or muscle building goal.

Detail:The owner: We were originally looking for a way for bodybuilders and other athletes in Australia, to find supplements that would suit their fitness goals. We narrowed it down to, two categories which satisfied both the athletes interesting in bodybuilding supplements and our other clients looking for health and fitness guidance and the ways that supplements can support them in achieving those fitness goals.

Those two categories came to be:

1. Weight Loss.
2. Muscle Building.

The website information was designed to help people aged from 18 to 40+. We also provided bonus workout and exercise routines designed to support our clients bodybuilding goals, as well as healthy calorie restricted nutritional plans which promote weight loss. We split up all this supplement and health information to target 12 different groups, satisfying both woman and men across 3 different ages groups(18-19,20-40,40+).

We were glad when we came to the conclusion that a supplement website widget would be the easiest way for our clients to access the supplement and health information that they are looking for. In the end the fitness and body building supplement guide looks professional and functions perfectly, both on our desktop and mobile website. Overall I am very happy with the website maintenance, consultation and app development, thank you Cool Kat Web Design.