At Cool Kat Web Design, we have built our brand and website expertise on a solid knowledge foundation. Comprising of an IT certified bachelor degree and our ongoing experience in developing and maintaining clients websites and mobile apps. Here is one of our clients testimonial regarding our professional work.


Website Work: General Maintenance, consultation and development of the Supplement Guide which is an exclusive custom made widget.

Client: Supplement Express, a supplement company in Australia who supplies Australian bodybuilding supplements to athletes and clients looking to lose weight and gain muscle.

Website Feedback:

Summary: David R.L the owner of Supplement Express in Australia: I am very happy with the Supplement Guide that was developed. It is an innovative way for our clients to easily find information about bodybuilding, products and supplements that can support their fitness goals.

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Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design

Cool Kat Custom Web Design Consultation

Not sure where to start with your online idea? We can help you more forward with our expert knowledge of web development and the systems, code or frameworks that can help you achieve your goal and develop your idea, quicker!

Why should you start with a consultation first?

There are many reasons why you should consult with a professional in the industry before going ahead with your idea. For starters a custom built solution may not be the most cost effective solution. If there are already frameworks that are ready to deploy today, you can save time and money by utilizing these frameworks instead. Here at Cool Kat Custom Web Design, we like to keep our clients best interests at heart, we can help recommend the most efficient way to move forward when creating your idea.

This is the recommended first step in applying for web design, app or widget development, as it can cut costs in further development and maintenance costs both in the near future and ongoing.

Website / App Development and Widget Creation

Our expertise covers a broad area when it comes to developing software for websites and mobiles. Whether it is creating or setting up a blog, forum, social site, ecommerce store or a new type of app, widget or website entirely. We are able to work with current frameworks and are able to develop custom websites and solutions from the ground up.

Legacy Website Maintenance / Development

Legacy websites need to be maintain to continue to operate. Our skilled developers and engineers can perform system maintenance to increase performance, storage and remove redundant data. Our services also extend to developing new web interfaces to create a more modern front end and can add value by developing widgets that require only small changes to your current system.

Database Statistics & Information

Creating custom one off or on-demand reports is a service we provide to clients looking to find, sort or display information within their data. For example: It can be from website visitor statistics to user management and purchase data. We are discrete in our workings and are able to provide an effective solution at a cost effective price.

Cool Kat Custom Web Design Services:

Website, App & Widget Consultation
Custom Website Development
Database Reports
Legacy System Maintenance / Upgrade

Make Your Idea Come Alive

If you have the idea and we at Cool Kat Custom Web Design have the expert skill to make it come alive. We achieve this through 4 steps:


We first start with the type of website you are looking to build, what is the function or goal of your idea and what time restraints and resource you have to commit to the project.

Requirements & Timeline

Next we work together with your team to create scopes to work within, goals to achieve and the requirements of the project, we group them into functional modules and order them by priority and importance.

Development & Module Display

We go ahead with developing a solution towards those requirements and demonstrate each a module to you the client.

On Going Re-Evaluation

At each completed module we demonstrate how it works and what it looks like. At this point we confirm with the client; whether or not this module is on track towards the overall goal / idea. If it is we continue on with developing the next module and if it is not we discuss the new requirements and goals for that modules and then it is either re-developed or dropped from the project.